What is it?

Canadians are the long, open top boats that are for hire at most places now. They are great for group activities, as everyone can work together as a team. Whether you want to perform an expedition down a river with lots of camping gear, or just relax by floating down the river, a Canadian boat is good for lots of people.

Many parents also join in during the summer season, as they are easy to paddle and can carry a whole family, including pets, younger children, or even those who aren't quite convinced to try a plastic white-water boat.

We also work with local scout groups to provide days of activities or trips, often with great results.

How to Join In

Just like any other type of paddling, we need you to pick up a temporary membership if you want to have a go. If you're already a member of the club, then there is a £6 charge for hiring the boats, which includes any buoyancy aids or paddles you might need. You can also see a more detailed list of charges in the documents section.

Canadians are available at any of the general club sessions on Saturdays, and on Wednesday evenings in summer. If you think you'd like to organise a special outing for a group, please e-mail us from the Contact Us page.