If you are interested in becoming a member of Addlestone Canoe Club, please complete the membership form below and send it, with payment, to the address shown on the form.

Alternatively, you can bring your completed forms and fees to the club when it is open, and hand it to the chair or a committee member.

Temporary membership is available for those attending the introductory courses or for the first 3 visits by any more experienced paddlers wishing to see if they would like to join.


You can also find out more about our Try-it out sessions hereYou will need to complete a temporary membership form, and bring it to the club with you. All forms can be found below.


Membership Forms

All our different membership forms can be found below.

If you're looking for one of our other documents or forms, you can visit our Resources and Documents section, which has all the forms in one place.

Membership Form

This form will need filling in and returning to the club with payment if you would like to join.

Membership Fees

Details of our membership fees and boat-hire charges can be found below.

Parental Consent Form

All under 18s must complete and return this Parental Consent Form, along with the application form.

Coach Information Form

If you are interested in being a helper at the club, either as a full coach or an assistant, please also fill out this simple Coach Information Form and return it with your other paperwork.

Temporary Membership Form & Temporary parental consent form

If you would like to try out the club before committing to joining, then please fill out this form.

Membership Rules

Please take a look at our club rules as a condition of joining.


Cost Breakdown

Membership 2021/22

Joining Fees (2021)

Returning members - £0.00

Individual - £50.00

Junior - £30.00

Family - £50.00

Concessions - £30.00

Associate/ Out of Port - £0.00

Main Membership Fees (2021)


Adult membership from 1 April to 31 March annually - £85.00


Junior Membership (under 18 or Students in Full time education living in the same home) - £50.00

Student and Concession Membership - £50.00

Family Membership (includes up to 2 adults and 3 children) - £190.00

Temporary Membership (3 weeks Maximum)

Adults Boat & Kit Hire per session - £ 13.00

Juniors Boat & Kit Hire per session - £ 9.00

With own boats and equipment per session - £ 6.00

Members Hire Fees

Adults Boat & Kit Hire per session - £ 7.00

Juniors Boat & Kit Hire per session - £ 5.00

With Own boats and equipment per session - £ 0.00

Or hire of any club item other than a boat – per item - £ 1.00

Annual Boat Hire (A saving in the form of a one off payment for those using boats often throughout the year) - £131.25


2021 Try-it sessions are currently suspended due to the ongoing Covid-19 please check back later for prices and sessions that will be running.

Introductory Courses

Introductory Course (All Day 4 sessions 10am – 4pm)

Price on request