Club Trips


As well as activities in the local area, the club often organises fantastic day trips to locations such as:

- The Cardiff International White Water centre

- The Cardington artificial course

- The Nene White Water course

- The awesome Lee Valley White Water Centre

There are also annual trips to rivers such as The River Dart (in Devon), the Usk, and the Tryweryn (in Wales). These are often jointly organised with other clubs like SSWAC, and are a chance to have a great weekend away doing adventurous activities. They usually take place once a quarter, and are a fantastic way to put your skills to the test, and have a great time with friends.

Please note: Different rivers require different levels of experience. We strongly recommend you read the official grading system, or speak to a club member for advice if you’re not quite sure.

Local Weirs

We often paddle at local weirs, usually once a month. We use these as great opportunities to practice skills learnt from the pool sessions, as well as our weekly Saturday paddle. 

We always encourage people to try out new things, and there are plenty of coaches around to lend a hand in honing in your skills. Some of our most visited weirs are:

- Coxes Lock, a small local weir, ideal for beginners.

- Chertsey Weir, a slightly bigger weir for developing skills.

- Shepperton Weir, a larger weir, with the roughest water in winter.

To find out about the next trip, speak to a coach or committee member, and key an eye out for the latest updates on our website home page.

Kayaks not compulsory!
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Having fun!
The trips are great for all ages!
Enjoying the trip!
On the river
At the white water centre
Putting skills to the test
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